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Aráganus (2088 – 2173), Lord of Uller’s Keep, was one of the founding members of the By-Tor Brigade (BTB). He was instrumental in both the initial success and long term stability of the group. As a warrior, he stood shoulder to shoulder with the other true fighters of the group, and as a priest of Uller, he channeled healing spells to sustain and restore his teammates whenever necessary. His strength was greater than any human in the land, and at times was fabled to rival that of hill giants. He established the village of Uller’s Keep, where he built a temple devoted to Uller, and attained the rank of High Priest.


Aráganus was a giant among men. He stood 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighed 315 muscular pounds. He had long brown hair and a full beard. In battle, he used a longbow for ranged attacks and his Lightning Sword for melee. For spell casting, he displayed a holy symbol that was a miniature long bow crafted of fine silver.


Early Life

Very little is known about the early life of Aráganus, except that he was born around 2088 and raised in the town of Nyneve.

By-Tor Brigade

Aráganus was one of the founding members of BTB. Their first adventure together was within the Caverns of Cazerhar in the year 2112. His initial role was as the group’s healer, but due to his great strength and combat skills, he evolved into an essential contributor as a warrior. As a leader, he helped hold the group together, despite the feuds between Meda Kwá and Galax Sterien. In 2113, during a mission beneath White Plume Mountain, the healing skills of Aráganus saved the life of Meda, who had been battered near death by an enraged Galax.

In 2114, in the town of Antil, Aráganus recruited three henchmen: Chagor, Garnysh and Melayne. In the city of Bedgrayne, Meda was beheaded by a paladin. Aráganus transported the corpse to the city of Nyneve, in the heart of Ullerwood, to the High Temple of Uller, and negotiated with the high priest to resurrect Meda.

In 2115, during the Contest of the Crimson King, whilst in the lair of Nalf the demon, Aráganus imbibed a magic potion which increased his size and strength to near that of a Hill Giant. When BTB defeated a rival group led by Bloyas, Aráganus took possession of the magical Lightning Sword. After BTB defeated Theleb F’Lar the Necromancer, and expelled his forces from the castle and its labyrinths below, Aráganus took over the fortress and made it his own.

In early 2116, Aráganus married Melayne. She gave birth to their son Geddielex later that same year. Tragically, Melayne was killed in 2117 by the deadly chlorine gas breath of a green dragon. Aráganus witnessed as Valkyries descended and ceremoniously retrieved Melayne for Valhalla. The dragon which killed Melayne was a guardian for Blackroot, a diabolical red dragon who had captured a princess and was holding her for ransom. BTB had been hired by Sir Lazarus L. Grizwell, Lord of Daitia Hill, to rescue the princess – his daughter – Kirell Grizwell. Aráganus went on to avenge Melayne’s death, landing the killing blow upon Blackroot. As Kirell witnessed the killing blow, she fell instantly in love with her rescuer. After the return voyage, Kirell refused to leave the side of Aráganus, and he, now in need of a mother for his son, returned her affections. Begrudgingly, Lazarus allowed the union, and they were wed two months later.

In 2117, Aráganus participated in the Ars Magna adventure. He was hard pressed to heal wounds and rift between Meda and Zarnkeez in order to keep the group together. In 2119, Aráganus assisted Meda with the search for Arraby, who had absconded with Jagged Jaw and Blackhawk. At the Siege of Arnor, Aráganus earned great fame for his skills as a healer. In 2121, Aráganus joined BTB on the Stormwarden Adventure at the request of Kayla the Prophetess.

In 2123, Aráganus attended the Quest for the Midas Orb. In Tintagil, he initiated an agreement to build a trade route between Uller’s Keep and Tintagil. In the Double Dare Tavern, Aráganus recklessly summoned a herd of buffalo which stampeded through the building and demolished it. When BTB returned to Tintagil after the quest, Aráganus was arrested on behalf of the tavern owners, brothers Trip and Tarp. Duke Viego granted amnesty and Aráganus was released. Aráganus later participated in BTB adventures Parriatt Trayelle and Battle of Barkleywood.

Uller’s Keep

During the years 2124 through 2132, Aráganus expanded Uller’s Keep. He constructed a temple devoted to Uller, and Uller’s Keep attracted several hundred loyal followers, including over 180 brave fighting men. A small village sprouted up around the keep, and with the advent of a trade route through the hills, Uller’s Keep continued to grow under the rule of Aráganus.

In 2133, Aráganus led BTB on a quest to rescue his son Regnilznum, who had been captured by Armaros, The Resolver of Enchantments. They teleported to the plane of Avernus, the top layer of Hell, and battled many devils and monsters, before successfully freeing Regnilznum and returning to Willowdale.

Personal Life

In 2114, Aráganus gained three followers in the town of Antil: Chagor, Garnysh and Melayne. Chagor was a deceptively strong fighter. Though loyal, he was at times chaotic and unpredictable. Chagor later became First Huskarl (Captain of the Guard) at Uller’s Keep. Garnysh was a valiant fighter who was killed in 2123 during the search for Parriatt Trayelle.

Melayne was a beautiful swordswoman, who became his wife in 2116 and mother to their son Geddielex (b.2116). She was killed in 2117 by a green dragon during the mission to rescue Kirell Grizwell from Blackroot, a diabolical red dragon.

In 2117, Aráganus married Kirell Grizwell, the daughter of Sir Lazarus L. Grizwell of Daitia Hill. Kirell gave birth to Regnilznum (b.2118), Cygnus (b.2120), Emilia (b.2124), and Emanuel (b.2128).

While ruling over Uller’s Keep, Aráganus gained a loyal follower and hunting companion named Barq, a Ranger of Willowdale. As a symbol of his loyalty and friendship, Barq gave to Aráganus a rare Kimrian Wolfhound named Tic. It was also rumored that Aráganus had been befriended by a ferocious Grizzly Bear, and even a mysterious Pixie, reportedly met during some of his hunting forays into the forests of Willowdale.


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