Yriadel Yngvarsdottir

Priestess of Freyja


Yríadel Yngvarsdottir has an almost unearthly cherubic beauty, with deep brown eyes and light blonde hair kept in twin braids. She is very petite, standing 4 feet 11 inches tall, and weighing only 95 pounds. She seems shy, but in actuality is just overly quiet and very polite, and she is not afraid to assert herself when it becomes necessary.


Yríadel Yngvarsdottir is the daughter of Yngvarr and Thýri. She was friends with Kyran, Glenlivet and Dodge during their young days in Darford. Though skinny and awkward as a child, her unearthly cherubic appearance drew much unwanted attention, with her deep brown eyes and golden hair that seemed to glisten in the sunlight. Boys learned to avoid her, as they could only speak to her in clumsy stutters, and girls eventually detested her, perhaps out of jealousy for her effect on boys. The exceptions were Dodge, Kyran and Glenlivet, who thoroughly appreciated her company and always felt at ease around her. They longed for festival days when the four of them could all meet together.

When Yríadel came of age, she was chosen by a traveling priestess to study in the temple of Odin at Linwic. After her lengthy apprenticeship was complete, she returned to Darford as a novice priestess of Freyja. She arrived on the eve of the Quest for the Steadfast Flame, just in time to be reunited with Dodge, Glenlivet and Kyran, and to join them on the quest, (though not without controversy).


Yriadel Yngvarsdottir

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