Magna Morko [Maethron Telhedrion]

Half-Elf Ranger from Blackwood [Eryn Vorn]


Magna Morko is a half-elf ranger from Blackwood, and is a recent visitor to Darford. He stands 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 140 pounds. In battle, Magna prefers to deliver death with his Longbow and arrows, though he does not mind also carving up his enemies with his Longsword.



Magna Morko, named “Maethron Telhedrion” in the Sindarin language of the elves, is the son of distinguished half-elves – Telhedron and Calarwen. Magna was raised among the secretive peredhil rangers of Eryn Vorn, and trained to track, detect, and slay orcs. (In common Westron, Eryn Vorn is known as Blackwood, and in former times it was called the Gryflet Forest.)

Magna completed his training as the leader among his young ranger troop, and on the strength of this ranking (perhaps also due to his distinguished ancestry) he was chosen for a special mission. Geldron, the leader of the Gryflet Guerillas, selected him personally. Geldron explained that he was once a member of a group of adventurers known as the By-Tor Brigade, who became separated after their final rescue mission around 80 years previous. He had lost track of his former companions and could only assume that they had all passed away by now, having human lifespans. Now that Blackwood was finally experiencing an era of peace, Geldron’s desire was to know the stories of their final glory and perhaps the names and fates of their descendants. Therefore, Magna was commissioned to journey to “Willow Dale” and seek out a bard named Curulírion, who could likely be persuaded to provide assistance. The last known location of Curulírion was in the village of “Dartron’s Ford” near the banks of the River Tamesys.

Magna traveled by land to the port city of Vinyalondë, then northward over Belegaer (The Great Sea), across the Sea of Lhûn, to Forlindon and the port of Forlond. He soon learned that the local Angarians called the city Linwic, not Forlond, and that the closest resemblance to Dartron’s Ford was Darford, located up the River Tamesys.

Soon Magna found his way to Darford and was able to locate Curulírion the Bard – whom the locals affectionately called Liric – working as an evening entertainer in the village’s sole tavern. Curulírion took an instant liking to Magna, partially due to their shared peredhil ancestry, and they spent several weeks together while Curulírion shared his knowledge about Darford and the local history of Willowdale. Magna also became friends with Drogo, a halfling rogue who worked as a waiter at the tavern.


Magna is the son of Telhedron and Calarwen, both of whom are half-elves (peredhil). His paternal grandparents are Telarion and Elhedril. Telarion, is the half-elf son of Telar Bal, a human, and Eristeth, an elf. Elhedril Medlineth is the half-elf daughter of Elendil, an elf, and Medliwen, a human.

Telar Bal, his paternal great grandfather, was a human ranger. He was a brief member of the By-Tor Brigade (BTB), but is more acclaimed for having fought beside Geldron with the Gryflet Guerillas. Telar had two sisters: Jemilah Bal Sterien, who was also a member of BTB; and Shalla Bal. According to legend, they were royalty in their homeland, and had half-elven ancestry. Jemilah was a companion of Galax Sterien, and a mortal enemy to Meda Kwá, both of whom were also members of BTB.

Elendil Neldër, his paternal great grandfather on his grandmother’s side (Elhedril), was a member of the fabled Neldër, an elven warband which included siblings Elessar and Elwing. The three fought beside Geldron with the Gryflet Guerillas, and Elwing eventually became the wife of Geldron. Therefore, Geldron and Elwing are Magna’s great, great uncle and aunt.

Magna Morko [Maethron Telhedrion]

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