Li-Al Saar (Lee Alfsaw)

Chameleon Rogue from Akkharia, Shem-Harad


Li-Al Saar is a traveler from the far away land of Akkharia, Shem, and is a recent visitor to Darford. He has a very likable personality and seems to have a penchant for assimilating into any location to which he travels. He is 5 feet 4 inches tall, and weighs about 150 pounds, with brown eyes and brown hair. In combat, he prefers to outflank his opponents and attack them with his dagger.


When Li-Al was a very young child, he was stolen from his home by several men with black hair, dark skin, and dark eyes. They were corsair slavers and they took him to Near Harad where they sold him to a man named Al el-Saar. Fortunately, his master was a kind man and treated him very fairly. Li-Al was too young to remember the names of his parents – or even his own name – so his master gave him the name of Li-Al, which means “Bright Star of Al.”

In time, Li-Al came to love his master as his own father, and eventually, Al el-Saar adopted Li-Al as his own son. Years later, Al el-Saar became ill and passed away. Before he died, he revealed to Li-Al all about Willowdale, the land of his birth. With the passing of his adopted father, Li-Al decided to return to this land.

Li-Al began his journey to the port city of Azgalun, the most important coastal city of Shem, and the capital of the region of Pelishtia. Along the road he met an albino half-elf named Glenlivet. Li-Al was greatly intrigued by the young half-elf, who was so strangely alien in every way except the Scimitar that he wielded, and decided to befriend the foreigner as they traveled along the same path. When they revealed to each other the stories of their childhood, they realized they were both originally from the same area of Brythonia, and they agreed to join their quests together and share their journey to Willowdale.

In Azgalun, Li-Al and Glenlivet acquired passage on a ship to Argos, whence they hired passage for the remainder of their journey across the Great Sea to Brythonia. Eventually they arrived safely in Willowdale, then the village of Darford. Glenlivet introduced Li-Al to his childhood friends Dodge, Kyran and Yríadel.


Li-Al is adopted and nothing is known about his ancestry, except that his parents were from Willowdale.

Li-Al Saar (Lee Alfsaw)

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