Aiden "Fire" [Aiden y Tân]

Krictish warrior from Highlands of north Prettonia


Aiden “Fire” [Aiden y Tân] is a traveling warrior from the Krictish highlands far north of Angaria. He is a very fit man – 6 feet tall and 180 pounds of well-trained muscle. He has brown hair, green eyes, and his bronzed skin bears a variety of tattooed or painted designs. In battle, Aiden prefers to wield a long spear, though he uses it as a quarterstaff in a flurry of blows. At times, he may also wield a handaxe or a kama.



When Aiden was a very young child, his parents were killed when their small clan was wiped out by a raid from a neighboring territory. Although some of the survivors were led into captivity, Aiden was among those small orphans left behind to die. Luckily for Aiden, it was not his fate to die that young. Wandering alone and helpless, young Aiden was discovered by a Krictish warrior-shaman name Galam. Formerly a leader of the very same clan that had wiped out Aiden’s family, Galam had been usurped of his position once he had become too old to fend off the many challenges to his authority by the always aggressive younger warriors. Eager for companionship after his extended family was forced to turn their backs on him, Galam decided to raise Aiden as his own.

Aiden was a masterful student of both the martial arts and the lore that Galam taught him, hungrily learning all that he could. As Galam grew older and weaker, he was often sick, and Aiden would care for him, as Galam had cared for Aiden before.

One year, the two companions were happened upon by a small group of men who were warriors of a secret order – the “Fergusmor”. Like Galam, their fortunes had fallen and they lived in exile, though they had a long and exalted history as an extended clan. As it turned out, the two groups were not based far from one another in the highland expanse, and on occasion they would trade news and small items with each other. Aiden, always inquisitive, was able to expand his martial skills with the very strange sparring ways and unique weapons of his new found friends.

A few years later, on one occasion when Aiden and Galam were visiting with their Fergusmorian companions, they were introduced to a man who claimed to be a Druid on a sacred quest for a mysterious magical fruit. When Galam, during a particularly bad spell of sickness, had lapsed to near death, the Druid claimed he could help. Aiden, having exhausted his own knowledge, allowed the Druid to tend to Galam – but Galam promptly died.

Beside himself with grief, neither Aiden nor any of the Fergusmor warriors noticed the Druid’s discreet and hasty departure. The following day, as preparations were made to honor Galam, it became obvious to everyone that Galam’s blackened and swollen tongue was not natural, nor was the bruising all over his body from hemorrhaging of his major arteries. His grief now turned to anger, and with no particular home or responsibilities, Aiden decided to find the deceitful Druid and discover the reason for the senseless treachery to which he visited upon a harmless old man – and to gain vengeance for his unnecessary death.

For the next few years, Aiden pursued the Druid, wandering from place to place, following whispers and cloudy memories of those who might have seen his quarry. With the hottest trail ever, along the Old Road somewhere near the legendary Sunken Citadel, Aiden allowed himself to be captured by goblins of the Durbulukh tribe, who were rumored to worship a mad, outcast Druid known to have a fetish for magical or poisonous fruit.

His plan was successful to a point, as the goblins dragged the captive Aiden into their dark lair. Before Aiden could escape and continue his mission, he was discovered and rescued by the young heroes from Darford: Dodge, Glenlivet, Kyran, Li-Al Saar, Magna and Yriadel. After compared their goals and decided they were all in pursuit of the same mad Druid so they joined their forces together.


Aiden is adopted and nothing is known about his ancestry.

Aiden "Fire" [Aiden y Tân]

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