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Dartron (2107 – 2160) was a swordsman and an adventurer. He was a brief member of the By-Tor Brigade (BTB), joining in 2133. Though not a Ranger by training, Dartron was resourceful in woodland terrain and was often known as Dartron Trailmaker. He was a veteran of the Battle of Barkleywood, worked as a trail blazer in Willowdale, and served in the Uller’s Keep military before becoming an adventurer. Dartron founded the village of Darford and died from wounds received while defending the village against attackers.


Dartron was a tall man (6 feet) with dark red hair and green eyes. His physical attributes were far superior to average men. In battle, Dartron preferred to wear chain mail and a shield. In melee, he wielded Carnelia, a magical longsword with a hilt decorated with a reddish brown Carnelian gemstone.


Early Life

Dartron was born in 2107 and raised in the town of Jordanus. His father was a carpenter and laborer. At age 15, he helped his father rebuild a tavern in Tintagil. The Double Dare tavern, owned by brothers Trip and Tarp, had been demolished by a buffalo herd recklessly summoned by Aráganus of BTB.

Early Career

While still a youth at age 16, Dartron joined several volunteers and fought bravely, although just a novice, at the Battle of Barkleywood. He witnessed firsthand the famous contest between Tun the Half-Ogre versus Scarvell the Lich. For the next few years, Dartron was employed by Barleymore Barrow as a soldier at Barkleywood Manor. He rose in rank but grew restless and resigned to pursue other options. As a reward for his service, Barleymore awarded Dartron with a magic shield.

Dartron next found employment as a trail blazer for Duke Viego of Tintagil. He worked for two years forging a path between Tintagil and Uller’s Keep – through forest and hills – to help establish an overland trade route amongst Tintagil, Jordanus, Uller’s Keep and Claturiel. During this work he discovered an ancient sword mysteriously imbedded in a tree. He took ownership of the blade, named it Carnelia, and with new confidence resigned from his job to begin his career as an adventurer.

By-Tor Brigade

The next phase of Dartron’s career began at Uller’s Keep, where he visited his cousin Eirik, a Lieutenant in Balder Company, Heavy Infantry. Eirik introduced Dartron to Chagor, the highest Huscarl of the Uller’s Keep military. With Eirik’s recommendation, Chagor hired Dartron for special missions, and he was soon invited by Aráganus to join BTB.

In 2133, Dartron joined BTB on a quest to rescue Regnilznum, son of Aráganus, who had been captured by Armaros, The Resolver of Enchantments. They teleported to the plane of Avernus, the top layer of Hell, and battled many devils and monsters, before successfully freeing Regnilznum and returning to Willowdale. The skilled sword arm of Dartron, wielding Carnelia the Sword of the Planes, was instrumental in their victory while traveling through the dark and desolate wasteland of Avernus.

In later years, Dartron adventured alongside old and new members, namely Zarnkeez, Geldron, Wotan and Lesseth.


During the 2140’s, using a sizable portion of his fortune, Dartron tamed a small area of Willowdale near a ford on the River Tamesys, upstream from Uller’s Keep. He settled down, married and started a family. The village came to be known as Dartron’s Ford, then eventually Darford. For the next several years, the area grew and prospered.

All that changed in 2155, when Wotan came to Darford with a host of mercenaries under his command. Wotan was a former companion of Dartron, and the two had traveled together before splitting up just after Dartron’s last adventure. Over the years, Wotan became sure that Dartron had cheated him after that adventure, but Dartron insisted that treasures had been divided evenly. He believed that Wotan’s mind had become corrupted by something evil they had encountered. Promising great wealth to his mercenaries, Wotan raided the town relentlessly for 2 months.

Finally, Dartron managed to locate Wotan’s camp in an ancient crypt deep in the forest, and he led his troops out to deal with his old companion. The battle was terribly bloody, with only a few men coming back to tell the tale. In the end, Wotan was slain and his mercenaries scattered, but Dartron suffered a mortal wound. He died 2 days later. In honor of their beloved founder, the townsfolk buried Dartron in the ancient crypt, interring his bones in a place of honor.

Personal Life

Dartron married Lesseth, a High Elf (c.2145). Lesseth gave birth to their son Dargoth.

Dartron was a first cousin to Eirik, who was a high ranking leader in the Uller’s Keep military.


Dartron’s favorite weapon was a long sword named Carnelia. Its hilt was decorated with a reddish brown Carnelian gemstone. In spellcraft terminology it was a Sword of the Planes. Dartron discovered the sword imbedded in a tree within the forests of Willowdale.


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