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Book 3 – Part 7 – Return to Ullester

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    • Chapter 13: Return to Ullester
    • Chapter 14: Ullester Downtime

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Chapter 13: Return to Ullester

First Stops

It was late evening when the group finally returned to Ullester. The Burgwarda at the north gate recognized them and allowed them to enter without pause. They went straight to the Maegenhof and explained their predicament to Heáh-Gothi Hjugo Sihm. He welcomed them happily and provided them with comfort and a meal as they told their story. He was understanding and sympathetic and promised to have a Remove Curse spell prepared by morning. However, the cost would be 150 gold shillings per casting, and there was no guarantee that each casting would be successful.

During the meal, Gothi Ladwig entered the room to extend his greetings to Yriadel, whom he admired. Unaware of the current transformations, he was actually speaking to Kyran in the form of Yriadel. Yriadel giggled and replied with a responding greeting. Ladwig looked at her, but saw only Kyran. “Whoa, whoa, Yriadel … You’re not Yriadel?” he said with confusion.

“I’m sorta Yriadel,” she replied. “We both ride a horse, we both like saving money on mead, and we both feel integrity, such as, that of healthcare in the… Ullester of the Willowdale.. and therefore… Yes. Thank you.” Everyone had quite a good laugh at the expense of Ladwig.


While the bulk of the group was conferring with Hjugo Sihm, Magna took Shadowmist down the road to the Goblin Stomp Stables. There he met with Hucky Buck who was happy to see Magna returned safely from Thistletop. Hucky cheerfully agreed to care for Shadowmist. He was confident that he could return the magnificent beast to good health. As for ownership, he said, finders-keepers. The merchant who bought Shadowmist from Brun Eöhman was either dead or long gone back to Linwich.


After Magna rejoined his fellows, the group walked together to the Ullester Stronghold. Forwost Baelor and Alchfrid Archer were on duty and, like Hjugo Sihm and Hucky Buck, were very pleased to see the group returned to Ullester safely. Lee led the discussion, reporting all that had occurred at Thistletop and all that the Seven Heroes had accomplished, leaving out, of course, the minor detail about having released Oreg and Lyrie. Baelor minded the account attentively and promised to give word to Eorl Aragnar upon his return from Baeldurham.

Lee spent several hours sorting through the massive collection of Nauma’s notes and journals, then shared his findings with Forwost Baelor. The journals outlined Nauma’s plans to send an army of goblins against Ullester and to burn the town to the ground.

Eorl Aragnar arrived in Ullester a few days later. After several frustrated meetings with Baeldurham bureaucracy, he had succeeded in acquiring the assistance of only a dozen green soldiers. But his disappointment was relieved by the news of what the Seven Heroes had accomplished at Thistletop.

Threat Eliminated

In the days and weeks that followed, as additional reports trickled in from the ranging Eohriddas, it became clear that the major threat to Ullester had been eliminated. Defeating Vargdropor had caused the few surviving Thistletop goblins to fall apart as a tribe. The unified goblin menace facing Ullester was apparently dealt with by killing Nauma. Without her to lead all five tribes, the goblins quickly fell to bickering among themselves again and returned to being only a minor menace at the fringes of the wild lands. After having stopped Nauma’s plans for good, the Seven Heroes deserved a rest and a chance to relax in Ullester.

Transformation Reversal

Over the course of the first eight days after the heroes returned to Ullester, they contacted several people to attempt to undo the transformations they suffered though the curse of Vargdropor. They met with Prætt of Elderwood, Lirkst Sifaenówics, Derc Winribb, Aethela Nestethel, Saegyth Manninees, and Pace Dubhans, but ultimately only Hjugo Sihm and Siden Mildthreth had the power to help them.

Of course there was some awkwardness caused by the transformations. Anika-Shae was reluctant to accept that the man she thought was Glenlivet was actually Dodge in the form of her half-elf lover. Even harder to accept was that Glenlivet was in the form of Aiden the Krict. After Yriadel was returned to her feminine glory by Siden Mildthreth, and Anika-Shae was able to witness there were now two copies of her, she became convinced.

Gradually over the next week, they were all returned to their natural form. Kyran was next, then Dodge, Lee, Aiden, and finally Glenlivet. In total there were fifteen castings of a Remove Curse: eight failures and seven successes. Siden Mildthreth provided one casting for free, but in the end, the group spent 2,100 shillings to be returned to normal.

Derc, Lirkst and Pratt

To help pay for the expenses, the group gathered their excess treasure and traded it for gold shillings. They traded weapons and armor at Benn’s Armoury, then gems and jewels with Maegla the Juelsmit. They learned that they could have gotten better prices if not for the ill will from prominent merchant Andor VanDetta, as caused by Dodge and the merchant’s youngest daughter.

They brought some of their mysterious items to Elderwood Tomes in hopes of learning their powers or purpose. The sign out in front of the shop showed a wide-eyed gnome reading a book nearly as tall as himself. Inside, the bookshop was a testament to one man’s obsession with the written word. Each and every wall was covered from floor to ceiling with shelves, and each shelf was crammed full with scrolls and stacks of vellum, skins and thin wooden tablets, and even a few rare, bound books, all replete with ancient script. Pratt [Prætt] of Elderwood had maintained his love affair with books for nearly 60 years and showed no sign of giving it up any time soon. The group had met with Pratt before, but fortuitously this day both Derc Winribb and Lirkst Sifaenówics were present, each sitting in a large chair, chatting with Pratt.

Derc was also known within town as the Maister Sage. He was a cantankerous old man, an aging expert on Garoman history and engineering. He claimed to have spent three decades as a cataloger at the Great Library of Kantor, and was continually baffled and enraged that his learning and obvious intelligence had not afforded him more prestige. Derc had been studying ancient Kimmrian ruins for the past several years and had recently become obsessed with the Old Keep. No one believed his theories that the tower was once a war machine capable of spewing fire to a range of more than a mile.

Lirkst was a retired adventurer, and now the headmaster of Sif Scoleheall [School-Hall], part school, part orphanage. Lirkst lived in the basement of the two-story Scoleheall and his rooms were said to be almost a museum of the strange things and trophies he had collected over his years. Lirkst was a gregarious prankster and loved tinkering with gadgets.

Red Death, Carangur, Ruadhéag

Upon noticing the red tinted sword which Kyran possessed, Pratt commented with amazement that he recognized it as the weapon known in Sindarin as ‘Carangur’. Derc argued, it was the sword called ‘Ruadhéag’ {roo-uh-DHEE-ahg} by the ancient Kimmrians. Lirkst corrected them both, it was the sword known as ‘Red Death’, also ‘Rory’s Blade’. Of course, they all soon came to the realization that it was the same name in three different languages. An infamous fighter named Rory was its former wielder. He had been the leader of a band of warriors called ‘Red Death,’ from whence the sword took its name. They were cohorts in the service of the fabled Meda Kwae the One-Eyed, Eorl of Dontae Tor. They were all devotees to Ares, the Hallenic god of War and Chaos. Legends say that Rory was killed in battle by Chagor Frost-Axe, and he kept the sword as spoils of his victory. Chagor was Huskarl to Aráganus, First Eorl of Ullester, and Fruman Forwost of Uller’s Keep. The sword was stored in the labyrinths below and eventually lost. It must have been discovered recently by Koruvus.

Bristanch the Harpy

Derc seemed to recognize the pearl handled dagger which Glenlivet possessed and asked where he had obtained it. Glenlivet explained that it was stabbed into a wall of the stockade on Thistletop. It was apparently used to tack up a large set of harpy wings on display. This confirmed what Derc suspected, so he explained that the dagger once belonged to Bristanch the Harpy and was probably worth around 100 shillings. Bristanch had dwelt a half-mile down the coast from Thistletop Island and Ripnugget’s triumph over the harpy was perhaps the single greatest victory of which the goblin could boast, since Bristanch had murdered hundreds of the Thistletop tribe, including two of the previous chieftans, before Ripnugget killed her.

Dodge and the Brideprice

After two weeks of recovery, Dodge was approached by Forwost Baelor and Alchfrid Archer. Baelor greeted Dodge friendly enough, but then announced he was there on town business. He ordered Dodge to appear at the Burghall on the morrow to answer a charge by Andor VanDetta.

When Dodge arrived at the Burghall, Eorl Aragnar was busy with other townsfolk. Dodge had to wait while Glemmbold Vexer, manager of Scarnati Mill, issued complaints about certain customers that had not paid. Then Rupert, a retired fisherman who ran the fishmarket, complained about some local youths that had been ‘layin’ about, bothering customers and wasting everyone’s time, they needed to be put to work.’

Finally, Eorl Aragnar explained to Dodge that a few days prior Andor VanDetta had accused Dodge of stealing his daughter, the maiden Lissa VanDetta, and taking her virginity. Her reputation was now spoiled and he would be hard-pressed to find a husband for her. If Dodge would not marry her, then he must pay a bride-price, and requested a total of 120 shillings.

The actual court hearing would not take place for another week, at which time Dodge could either plead guilty or innocent. Eorl Aragnar commented that if Dodge wanted to settle the matter before hand, then Andor VanDetta would probably drop the complaint.

So Dodge accepted his responsibility and took 120 shillings to Andor VanDetta. Upon receiving the bride-price, Andor was greatly satisfied and subsequently dropped his complaint.

Chapter 14: Ullester Downtime

During the first few months of summer, long after they had rested and recovered from their exploits at Thistletop, the members of the group engaged in various individual activites.

Magna Morko (Maethron Telhedrion)

The highest priority for Magna was to learn more about his curse: Hamrammr.

Baineth Gilothwen – Tailor

To prepare for the potential of another uncontrolled transformation, Magna discretely hired Baineth Gilothwen, owner of Verna’s Fine Clothing, to tailor some special garments for him, and to repair and enhance his leather armor. He requested that his garments be assembled with rip-able seams and buttons, so that during an “incident” the clothing would fall apart and drop off, rather than ripping into shredded pieces, so that later, field repairs could be made with minimal tools and skills.

Baineth Gilothwen, a half-elf maiden, was the only daughter of a kindly woman named Verna. Though beautiful and charming, she was surprisingly shy and lonely. Baineth Gilothwen inherited full ownership of the tailor shop when her mother was killed during Chopper’s murder spree about five years ago and had since expanded the business, even founding a guild that brought together dozens of quilters, crafters, sewers, and tailors that sold their wares at her shop.

She never knew her father, an elf bard named Bruilaer Mistlend, and knew only that he was killed by goblins less than a week after she was born. Perhaps it was this history, combined with an appreciation for Magna’s reputation for killing goblins, that she handled Magna’s requests with the utmost care and discretion, never once asking the purpose for his designs.

Siden Mildthreth – Oracle

Magna paid a return visit to Siden Mildthreth to see if she learned any more information about his Hamrammr curse. She apologized that the gods had not given her any more insight, but confirmed and repeated what they had already revealed to her.

First, Hamrammr was an ancient Theodish word, equivalent to skin-changer or shape-shifter. This explained the warning that “hidden deep within Magna simmered a great beast that, if controlled, could bestow great power, but if released without control, could bring great danger.” It seems that the spell that had been cast by Vargdropor, which transformed his companions into different forms, caused a release of the inner beast within Magna. This inner beast exists through a curse inherited through Magna’s ancestors, though its effect had been suppressed through some generations.

To determine the origin of the curse, and a potential cure, Magna would need to research his ancestry further. As far as he knew, his parents Telhedron and Calarwen were not were-bears. Nor were his elven-blooded ancestors: grandparents Telarion and Elhedril; great grandfather Elendil Neldër; or anyone in the line of Calarwen. But he knew too little about some of his human ancestors. Did one of them bring the curse into the bloodline? The only things he knew were that Telarion was the son of Telar and Eristeth, and that the mate of Elendil was a woman named Medlineth. Siden Mildthreth said the gods revealed that Magna was descended from an elf who was known as both “three” and “alone”, that was obviously Elendil Neldër, his mate was an Aetheling of Seäxeny who had blood kin in Ullester today, and that both were known to the First Eorl of Ullester. If Magna could trace down that kin, maybe they could provide a clue to the mystery.

Lastly, as Magna is looked upon with favor by the goddess Sif, patron of young warriors, it might behoove Magna to exploit this connection whenever appropriate. Perhaps he could sacrifice a fine weapon at the temple before a key battle. Also, if favored by Sif, Magna might also be noticed by Modi, son of Thor and Sif, whose token animal is the bear, incidentally. Modi is not only god of courage, but also god of battle rage and berserkers (sometimes known as Hamrammr).

Control of the Bear

Magna performed extensive research to learn about his curse, assisted by Kyran and Yriadel. They conferred wtih Siden Mildthreth, Heáh-Gothi Hjugo Sihm, and Aethela Nestethel the Herbalist. They scoured the collection of tomes owned by Prætt of Elderwood. All contacts were trusted to keep secret their knowledge of Magna’s curse.

Magna knew that before the night of the next full moon, he must have a plan in place to either stifle the bestial urge or at the very least to conceal his identity while his alter ego went on a rampage. He disliked the idea of staying hidden indoors – too complicated – and there was too much possibility of accidental discovery by nosy neighbors. So he settled on a plan to get out of town completely, to assuage suspicion from townsfolk. It was a simple matter to excuse his absence by accompanying Yriadel on a lunar pilgrimage to worship Freyja, or to just do what a Ranger does and travel about the remote countryside on the hunt for wandering goblins.

Everything went according to plan on the first full moon. Magna travelled into the forest, accompanied by Kyran, Yriadel and Aethela. They were soon joined at the camp by Serindë Andagor, the elven ranger. During the few days that they were camped together, Magna, Kyran and Yriadel enjoyed getting to know Aethela and Serindë. Magna and Serindë had much in common together and took an instant liking to each other. It was soon learned that Aethela and Serindë had known each other for years and that there was an inseparable bond between them.

On the night of the first full moon, Magna’s suspicions were confirmed. The Vargdropor spell had indeed unlocked whatever forces previously contained the were-bear curse within him. Unfortunately, Magna was unable to control the transformation that first night. But while in his bear form, under the watchful eyes of his friends, he wandered only a short distance and caused no harm nor havoc. He awoke at dawn, famished, but sheltered by his friends who promptly provided nourishment and clothing. By the second night, Magna was able to suppress the transformation, and by the third he was in full control, changing from one form to the next with manageable effort.

They repeated the same plan the next month, but the precautions proved unnecessary. Magna was now in expert control of his transformation. But the time was not wasted, as the event proved to be an enjoyable outing for all five of them.

Lee Alfsaw (Li-Al Saar)

Lee was absent during several weeks of their downtime. He departed without notice and returned without explanation. Though his friends were curious, they respected his privacy and did not pry.

However, at one point during the absence, Yriadel voiced her thoughts at a gathering amongst the remaining six. ‘I am concerned about our friend Lee,’ she began. ‘He is a long-time companion of Glenlivet and we have easily accepted him into our group. Like many of you, I trust him without reserve – a trust which he has earned many times over. But during his unexplained absence I have begun to think, and a few recent incidents come to mind. First, weeks ago, during our initial audience with Eorl Aragnar at the meadhall, I observed his attitude. Though he hid it well, I could tell he was very uneasy. He seemed as nervous as a mouse in a room full of cats.

‘Then, when we visited Siden Mildthreth, I noticed how uneasy Lee was upon that occasion. He looked as if he wanted to flee in fear from the Sidenhus. While Casting her Runes, Siden Mildthreth held one of his runes for a long time in silence, eventually dropping it into her bag without revealing its mystery. I could not tell if she had been unable to read that particular rune, or if perhaps she just chose not to voice what she had discovered. Next she revealed that Lee was “not who he seems”, and warned that Lee was “under the pursuit of a seeker from a faraway place”. She also warned us all that though “many gods conspired to bring us together, others seek to end our lives.”’

Yriadel paused to read their expressions. Though the others shared her curiosity, although to a lesser degree, they did not seem to share her worry.

‘By now we have all heard the tale of Li-Al Saar,’ she continued, ‘how he was kidnapped when a small child, raised as a slave in Shem-Harad, then adopted by his master who gave him his name. He also told us that before this adoptive father passed away, he revealed to Lee all he knew about Willowdale, the land of his birth. This is a plausible explanation for why Lee journeyed back to this land: to investigate his origins. Siden Mildthreth even confirmed his Willowdale origin when the runes revealed that Lee was descended from a companion of Araganus, First Eorl of Ullester.

‘Glen, you have known Lee the longest. Is there more about his past that you can tell us? Do you know if there are secrets to his story that he has not shared? I ask, not because I do not trust Lee, indeed, we have no cause to doubt his honesty or allegiance, but because these secrets may be dangerous to him, and therefore potentially to us all. It might help us to be better prepared to defend ourselves, if we knew more about any hidden dangers.’

Kyran Grimsson

Kyran spent most of his time with Magna and Yriadel, either researching information about Magna’s were-bear curse or the history and legends of the By-Tor Brigade.

Kyran considered actively seeking the company of Raena Araganing, but after reminding himself about his demonic heritage he decided against it. However, on the few occasions when he encountered her by chance, he did make it a point to greet her, and she always seemed very pleased to see him. Yet he could never enjoy a real conversation with her above civil, public conversation. She was always accompanied by either Braco Son-of-Loghan Begat-by-Hobus (an Araganing Huskarl and self-declared suitor to her) or her father Aragnar, Third Eorl of Ullester. And if not those two, then she was always guarded by one of the other Huskarls from House Araganing or at least two Eohriddas. Frustrated, Kyran could never find opportunity to speak to her alone.

Glenlivet Lesgoth

Glenlivet spent most of his downtime enjoying the charms of Anika-Shae. She was usually busy running the Drunken Dragon, a very popular inn and tavern which she owned. Her staff was loyal and efficient, and Glen would help out on the rare occasion that he was needed.

With Glen’s care, Anika-Shae recovered quickly from the trauma received from her evil brother Monakild, and she was glad that Lee had killed him in revenge. She suffered very little emotionally from the death of her estranged father. But she was now burdened with mundane and financial matters concerning the inheritance of the Kleinberg Glaswerks and Kleinberg Manor.

When Anika-Shae was not busy, her sexual appetite was insatiable, and Glenlivet appreciated the full impact of her affections.

One of the side tasks that Glenlivet helped Anika-Shae with was to scout new talent in the town. If suitable, Anika-Shae would invite them to perform at Drunken Dragon. She had to be discrete if they were performing at Scop Hall since Pace Dubhans did not appreciate any of his acts getting “borrowed.” When Anika-Shae heard there was a visitor from Linwich named Kin Krin, who was tending bar at Chiptooth’s Alehus and who would sometimes offer a song or poem for the patrons, she sent Glen to contact the visitor. Frustratingly, every time Glen arrived at the alehouse, Kin Krin was either too busy to talk or had either “just stepped out” or was “practicing for a play at Scop Hall.” The owner, Jaeks “Chiptooth” Bergeis, was friendly and helpful but could not explain Kin Krin’s curt attitude. ‘Kin Krin is delightful to everyone else around here,’ offered Chiptooth, ‘so for some unknown reason either he doesn’t like Drunken Dragon or he doesn’t like you.’ Eventually, Kin Krin moved on to the next town so Glen gave up on the attempt.

When not busying himself at the Drunken Dragon, Glen would occasionally spend time at Hwychwood Brewery. Gaerwulf welcomed the company of Glenlivet and was happy to exchange expertise about brewing.

Dodge Viper (Dædgár Gedrikson)

Dodge kept his routine confined mostly to either enjoying sustenance at the Drunken Dragon or battle training in the field adjacent to Ullester Stronghold. His training regimen frequently involved sparring with some of the Burgwardas, namely Bercthun Blunt-axe, Cuthbert Crusher or Fetlock Forkbeard.

Aiden Fire (Aiden y Tân)

Aiden spent much time and effort helping Hucky Buck nurse Shadowmist back to health at Goblin Stomp Stables. Aiden built a strong rapport with the horse and they rode and trained together often.

By-Tor Brigade Lore

Kyran and Magna, assisted by Yriadel, worked together to research clues to mysteries about the By-Tor Brigade. Magna needed information about the By-Tor Brigade and their descendents in order to fulfill his mission for Geldron. He also neeed to research his ancestry further, to gain more understanding about his were-bear curse. Kyran wanted information about the gods they had worshipped, with hopes it might lead him to identify the god that had been invading his dreams.

They concentrated their efforts at Elderwood Tomes, and gained valuable insights from Derc, Lirkst and Pratt. Together, the three elderly men knew many basic facts, and happily summarized a few they knew in common. Though they did not have all the answers, they promised to delve deeper into their tomes to see what other answers they might discover.

The By-Tor Brigade was established in the year 2112 (almost 100 years ago), founded by five adventurers: Araganus, By-Tor, Galax Sterien, Meda Kwa and Zarnkeez. There were many different members throughout their years of adventuring. In addition to the founding five, other well-known key members were Dartron, Geldron and Telar Bal. They were successful heroes throughout Middengard for over 20 years. Most of them settled in Prettonia. After their last great adventure together in 2133, their gatherings were few and far between. Stories of their individual fates afterwards were scattered and unreliable.

Everyone in Willowdale knew the history of Araganus [Aráganus], First Eorl of Ullester, for he helped found Ullester [Uller’s Keep] and financed the construction of the Ullerhof. He was not only a warrior of legendary strength and courage, but he was also a renowned priest of Uller, the Theodish god of archery, hunting and winter. Araganus wed the beautiful princess Kirell Grizwell and fathered five children. The descendants of Araganus, the Araganingas, have ever since been the ruling family in Ullester. His son Amanwel [Amánwel] was the Second Eorl of Ullester, and his grandson Aragnar [Arágnar] became the Third Eorl of Ullester.

The facts surrounding the infamous Meda Kwae the One-Eyed [Meda Kwá], Wielder of Jagged Jaw, were sparse and uncertain. What was well known, however, was that he was a fighter whose skills were rarely equalled, and that he served Ares, the Hallenic god of war and chaos. After Meda Kwae parted company with Araganus, he became Eorl of Dantae Tor [Danté Tower]. Allegedly, in order to incite anarchy throughout Prettonia, he recruited raiders of all manner, from Orcs to Vikings, to pillage the lands surrounding his domains. And reputedly he was the owner of the renowned ships Vengeance and Blackhawk, which pirated the open seas. There were even rumors that Meda Kwae delved into sorcery at his stronghold and consorted with demons. In the late 2150s, Meda Kwae appeared to have forsaken Ares and instead devoted himself to Hela, the Theodish goddess of death. Coincidentally, around this time, the Flavian Plague reached the shores of Prettonia and devastated its people.

Sarnkees the Water Wizard [Zarnkeez] was the most clever amongst the brigade. He was a wizard of great power and intelligence, a follower of Poseidon, the Hallenic god of oceans and earthquakes, and he possessed the mighty trident Wave. Sarnkees built a temple and fortress in honor of Poseidon, and he became known as the Eorl of Neptune. In the late 2150s, disheartened by the descent of power of the Hallenic gods, and his community weakened by the Flavian Plague, Sarnkees abandoned Neptune and relocated to the Garoman Empire.

Geldron, Wielder of Gorauk, was an elven fighter. He was from the Gryflet Forest, and returned there often, devoting himself to expelling orcs from his homeland. Following his success against the orcs, he eventually rose to the rank of Chieftain of the Gryflet Guerillas [Aran Maethurin], and later became Lord of Blackwood [Aran Eryn Vorn]. Geldron was known to pay homage to Sif, Theodish goddess of battle skills.

The history of Dartron Trailmaker was well known in Willowdale, even though he was a late member of the By-Tor Brigade. He was a veteran of the Battle of Barkleywood, worked as a trail blazer in Willowdale, and served in the Uller’s Keep military before becoming an adventurer. In his later years, Dartron founded the village of Darford and, while serving as Reeve of Darford, died from wounds received while defending the village against attackers, ironically, Wotan, his former ally.

Galax Sterien, Paladin of Athena, was one of the founding members of the By-Tor Brigade, but he departed company after only two years in the group. His love for Jemilah Bal, his distress over the mental decline of his friend By-Tor, and his escalating feud with Meda Kwae, were attributed as reasons for the separation. Galax returned to the Garoman Empire, along with Jemilah, where they devoted themselves in service to Athena, Hallenic goddess of wisdom, law and war strategy. Galax eventually rose to the rank of Taxiarch [Brigade Commander], and Jemilah to the rank of Tagmatarch [Battalion Commander].

Circa 2140, Galax arrived on the northeastern shores of Prettonia with a full Centuria of Seäxon foederati. His goal was to capture and kill Meda Kwae, Eorl of Dantae Tor. Instead, Galax was killed in the battle by Meda Kwae. Jemilah Bal Sterien returned for vengeance in the later half of the decade. She also failed to kill Meda Kwae, and was instead captured by him, then reportedly executed.

By-Tor the Champion was the legendary fighter of whom the team took its name. His short life was filled with misfortune and tragedy. He was once a handsome man, but after he was killed by a demon he was reincarnated as a hideous hobgoblin, then he suffered an evil curse which rendered him insane and caused him to betray his teammates. He was reportedly killed by Snow Dog in the Caves of Ice, and his soul was banished to Hades where he evolved into a demon. In 2115, By-Tor returned from Hades to champion the By-Tor Brigade against Theleb F’Lar the necromancer. There were also dubious reports that By-Tor, Knight of Darkness, reappeared on the battlefield when Meda slew Galax Sterien, and was also present at the sack of Neptune.

Letter to Geldron

Magna wrote a letter to his mission commander, Geldron, Lord of Blackwood. In the letter he described all that he had learned in the past year about the By-Tor Brigade, including the strange prophesies and cryptic messages revealed by Siden Mildthreth. Magna also asked Geldron, or his parents, Telhedron and Calarwen, what information they could share about a were-bear curse in the family. Magna took the letter to the Ullester Merchants League and hired Jasper Halfpenny to provide a reputable courier to deliver the letter to Geldron.


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