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Part 6 – Beneath the Sunken Citadel
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After they had defeated the goblin warriors, Yriadel channeled her healing power and restored the injuries of those who were wounded. They searched the room but only Grimble Gromble discovered anything of value. They interrogated a couple prisoners who only revealed that the goblin chief and his warriors were located beyond the northwest door. Next, they forced all the survivors into the southwest room. While busy barring the door, they were attacked by archers though the northwest door. Though they were caught by surprise, they reacted quickly and took the battle right back to the goblins. A great combat ensued against the goblin chief, his personal guard and his priestess, but soon the team prevailed. The priestess nearly escaped down the vine coated shaft, but Magna shot her with an arrow and she fell to her death.

Lee used his stealth skills and bravely descended the vines alone. At the bottom he surveyed the area and witnessed a layer of mulch covering the entire floor of the wide cavern. Two gaunt, cloaked figures were shoveling well-turned earth into a rusted wheelbarrow. Silently, he climbed back up to relay his findings to the team. They formulated a plan, then descended in squads of four to attack the figures. As the battle erupted, the gaunt figures – animated skeletons – were joined by two twig blights. But the battle was short and the group emerged victorious.

Seconds later, the group was approached by a huge bugbear and his two pet dire-rats, who were responding to the sounds of battle. “Get ready to meet the cookpot!”, he bellowed in challenge, then he and his pets attacked. The great bugbear traded blows with Dodge and Glen, while the others battled the dire rats. Dodge received a crushing blow from the bugbear’s Morningstar, and fell unconscious. Kyran valiantly stepped forward, and while he and Glen held off the bugbear, Grimble Gromble and Yriadel rescued Dodge and restored him with a potion. Finally, Glen felled the mighty bugbear with his Scimitar, then Dodge and Kyran finished off the dire-rats.

The next room was a long hall with six doors, all partly open. Lee and Grimble Gromble silently crept into the room to survey the contents of each room, then retreated to discuss a plan with their friends. They divided into sub-teams and stealthily sneaked back into the hall to surprise attack the goblin inhabitants. The plan worked terrifically, and they slayed all eight goblins without casualty.

The floor of the next chamber was covered with soil and compost, and it was occupied by a bugbear gardener. He stopped his work and attacked with his large scythe. Severely outnumbered, he was killed within seconds by Glen and Kyran.

The next chamber was octagonal shaped and filled with glowing fungus. Four goblins were at work gathering fungus, and they immediately attacked when they spotted the group of adventurers. Although the first goblin managed to wound Glen, seconds later all four goblins lay day from the blade strokes of Dodge, Kyran and Glen.

The next octagonal chamber was also filled with glowing fungus, and there were three skeletons spreading compost. They immediately stopped their work and attacked the group. Glen was the first to deliver a blow, though he received one himself in return. But his friends rallied to his side, and within seconds the skeletons lays smashed to pieces on the ground, thanks to blows from Dodge, Glen, and Yriadel.

To be continued…


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