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Part 5 – Within the Sunken Citadel

  • Contents:
    • Chapter 1 – Dire Rats
    • Chapter 2 – Goblin Territory

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Chapter 1 – Dire Rats

Boot Tracks

Meepo led the group from the kobold throne room, through the Kobold-controlled areas, then finally through a long, narrow hallway. Magna’s tracking skills detected month-old tracks made by about five booted humans, moving through the hallway, and he began to suspect they were on the trail of the Arrion sons and their mercenaries. The hallway ended at a wooden door leading north.

The first room beyond the hallway door was empty and lightless. The lonely chamber was home only to rat droppings, crumbled flagstone, and nameless stains. Dodge and Magna took the lead from Meepo, who had never ventured this far from Kobold territory before, and they continued through the room then northward. Magna continued to detect the tracks of their quarry, but he also found several signs of dire rats.

In the next room, dust and odd bits of stony debris and rubble lay scattered on the floor. An ornate fountain was built into the eastern wall. Though cracked, stained, and dry, the fountain’s carving of a diving dragon still retained its beauty. A relief-carved stone door stood on the western wall. They easily found signs of past occupation in the area, like rat droppings and nameless stains, but nothing lived there currently.

Lee and Kyran investigated the fountain with careful interest. A thin scum coated the fountain’s basin, but it was otherwise dry. Lee inspected, but did not detect any traps. Kyran’s eyes turned black as he scanned for magic aura. The fountain emitted a mild magical aura of the Alteration school. He also perceived a mostly worn-away inscription on the basin’s front. Kyran scrutinized the inscription, recognized Draconic, then brought Meepo forward to have a look.

“It states ‘Nainarya’,” Meepo informed them in his whiny little voice, “which means ‘let there be fire’.”

Upon speaking the Draconic word, reddish liquid began to well from the dragon’s mouth, slowly gathering before dripping into the basin. Kyran quickly emptied a flask of water, then used the container to collect the reddish liquid. With his arcane knowledge, he discerned that the liquid could be used as a Potion of Fire Breath. After the flask was filled, the fountain stopped dripping, then ceased emitting its magic aura.

The stone door displayed relief-carvings which showed skeletal dragons. Lee approached to check for traps, and as he stood within 1 foot of the door he felt a palpable coldness. Despite this eerie sensation, he continued his investigation, and although the door was locked, he could detect no trap. The coldness worried everyone, so they asked Lee to back away without attempting to pick the lock. Kyran detected no magic, but did spot Draconic inscriptions above the door. He brought Meepo forward to translate, but this time he warned him not to speak the inscription out loud in Draconic.

“Channel good, open the way,” said Meepo in Westrian (though in Draconic it spelled out ‘Tana Aman Heka Men’).

They discussed several possibilities for the cause of the coldness, and different attempts to open the door, but decided to move on before wasting too much time in the room.

They continued northward, and after 10 feet, the hallway branched off both east and west. The west ended in a wooden door after 10 feet, and the east was covered in rubble. In this area, Magna detected day-old rat tracks, in addition to the month-old tracks of their quarry.
He also deduced that although 5 persons traveled the passage north, only 4 returned south, then through the west door.

As they progressed north, the next section of hallway contained six doors, all slightly ajar, and they saw several recent rat tracks. Dodge stealthily approached and stuck his head into the first room to view its contents. It appeared to be a cell, which contained nothing more than matted nests of rock, hair, fungus, and small shiny bits, apparently collected by dire rats. Upon learning the room was absent of danger, Meepo scurried within and poked about until he found some scattered coins and gems. This same routine was repeated for the next two cells. The fourth cell contained a hungry dire rat which savagely attacked Dodge. Two more dire rats heard the noise and rushed out of the remaining 2 cells to join the fight. The team quickly dispatched the rats, and Meepo searched all the now empty rooms and gathered various coins and gems.

The next room had a cobblestone floor which contained two trapdoors blocked open by iron spikes. It was obvious that if the tops of the trapdoors were flush with the floor, they would be difficult to spot among the cobblestones. The north wall held a dry fountain carved with the bas-relief of a dragon and the west wall contained a wooden door.

Among the day old rat tracks, Magna also noticed more of the month old tracks made by booted humanoids. Their trail edged around the traps and led to the wooden door. Five tracks entered the room, but only 4 walked out.

They investigated both traps, each was a 20 foot deep pit. They anticipated finding a victim from the previous month’s party of 5, but the pits contained only rat bones, rusted metal bits, and filth.

Kyran and Lee checked on the fountain. Like the other one they found earlier, a thin scum coated its basin, but it was otherwise dry. Looking for traps, Lee’s sharp eyes noted suspicious metallic tubes in the carved mouth, and a hidden rusted canister. Kyran’s mystic vision detect a mild magical aura of the Alteration school. Lee pointed out a faint inscription on the basin’s front and Kyran confirmed it was another Draconic inscription.

“This one is scary,” said Meepo. “It means ‘let there be death’.” (In Draconic it spelled out ‘Naihuine’.)

The decision was unanimous: they left the fountain alone and turned their attention to the wooden door. Lee searched the door, but found no traps, locks or latches. Dodge took the lead and opened the door.

Mama Rat

Lee searched the door, but found no traps, locks or latches. Dodge took over the lead and opened the door, followed closely by Magna, then Kyran. The location of the pit trap allowed only one person at a time to step carefully around the opening and through the door. As Dodge and Magna entered the room, they were repulsed by the stench of rotting meat which suffused the air, rising from much-chewed carcasses of several cave rats, smaller vermin, and some suspiciously humanoid looking bodies. The cadavers lay upon a floor of filth, old bones, hair, and fur that combined to make a particularly large and vile nest. The northern wall was smashed, opening on rubble-strewn darkness.

They had barely stepped into the room when suddenly they were ambushed by 3 dire rats that were hidden among the debris. Though caught by surprise, Dodge and Magna handily defended themselves from the initial attacks. But next emerged a monstrously swollen rat. It was huge and bloated, easily twice the size of the others, and at least 6 feet long.

Dodge had his hands full battling the gigantic rat, receiving multiple wounds while hacking away with his axe. After the first bite, Dodge entered a Viking rage which soon allowed him to overpower the creature and deliver a killing blow.

In the meantime, Magna held of the other 3 rats until Glen and Kyran could squeeze into the room to assist. Kyran was able to blast one of the rats with his magus power, and even Meepo shot into the room with his crossbow. Finally, without any serious wounding to themselves, the group vanquished the dire rats.

Dodge drank one of their magic potions of healing, which closed and soothed many of his bleeding wounds. Then Yriadel, her hair glowing brightly in the darkness, channeled her healing energy which resuscitated the rest.

While the victorious combatants rested, Meepo, Lee and Yriadel poked through the refuse. Among the partially decomposed and eaten corpses, they counted two goblins, one kobold, and one human. From the remains they were able to identify the victim as Crispus, from the lost adventuring party, which solved the mystery of the booted tracks. On his left arm was a gold bracer (worth at least 30 shillings) engraved with “Crispus” on one side and “Ieronimus Hostilius” on the other. The body also possessed masterwork hide armor, a light crossbow, a quiver with only six bolts remaining, a sack (which contained a waterskin, one day’s rations, a bedroll, flint & steel, and three torches), and a pouch with 17 gold shillings. Among the refuse they also recovered 300 pence, 68 shillings, and 3 gems worth about 25 shillings apiece.

Chapter 2 – Goblin Territory

Goblin Guards

They retraced their steps southward, back to the westward passage and its wooden door. The door was easily opened and it opened into a dark and empty chamber which contained only rat droppings, crumbled flagstone, and nameless stains. A single wooden door was on the north wall of the room. Magna detected the 4 tracks of their quarry and several signs of dire rats, though none were in the room at the time.

Lee inspected the door and detected no traps. He stepped aside, as per their usual procedure, to provide Dodge the lead. As Dodge opened the door, a bell clanged raucously, obviously an alarm of some kind. Though surprised by the noise, Dodge peered forward, preparing for battle. What he saw was a 10 foot wide hall which ended about 20 feet north. Its floor was liberally strewn with sharp caltrops. The northern door was missing, but the room beyond was partially blocked by a roughly mortared, 3 foot high wall, complete with crenellations.

As Dodge entered the hallway, two goblins popped up over the crenellations, hurling javelins across the caltrop-strewn chamber. Dodge continued forward, moving at half speed to navigate around the caltrops while taking fire from the goblins. His friends followed closed behind, sweeping the caltrops away from their path. Dodge managed to reach the half-wall without getting skewered and with his first axe swing he slew a goblin. The other fled immediately, screaming loud warnings. Dodge immediately leaped over the wall to pursue the goblin, followed closely by Glen, Magna and Lee. Dodge caught up to the goblin just as it rounded a corner into another room. They battled toe to toe, and as Dodge wore down his opponent, his friends surrounded the evil little foe, and Glen delivered a killing blow.

Before they could take a second to review their surroundings, the hardy heroes were attacked again by more goblins, who were throwing spears from the north end of the room. This room was a similar arrangement to the caltrop-strewn hallway, except it was much larger and there were 4 goblins instead of just 2. The northern third of the room was separated from the south by a crudely mortared and crenellated half-wall. The group surged forward to engage their enemy, dodging more javelin missiles until they reached the crenellated wall. The battle grew fierce and wounds were received on both sides. Eventually, the warriors gained the upper hand, being much stronger and taller than their goblins adversaries, and killed two that were guarding the wall. At great risk to himself, Dodge climbed over the wall to face the enemy without the hindering wall. Though frightened by the massive size of the axe wielding blacksmith from Darford, the goblins stood their ground, which proved to be their last fatal decision. Kyran hit one with a Ray of Frost, while Glen joined Dodge over the wall. As Glen helped Dodge by delivering a fatal Scimitar strike to the goblin, Kyran killed the fourth with another Ray of Frost.

After a quick scan of their surroundings, satisfied that they could not be attacked by surprise in their present location, the worn and weary warriors gathered around their beautiful young friend Yriadel. She pressed her holy symbol – a wooden carving of a falcon – close to her heart. Her eyes were shut tightly with concentration as she chanted “Freyja Helbrede”, and as her hair glowed with a pleasing golden light, an aura of healing and restoration spread through their limbs.

The room contained 3 wooden doors, in addition to the hallway from which they had entered. Dodge, Glen and Magna each guarded a door while Kyran, Lee, Yriadel and Meepo went back into the previous room for a thorough search.

The layer of filth on the floor, stains on the walls, shabby hides, and much-used fire pit attested to the years of use this room had seen at the hands of creatures not overly concerned with hygiene. It apparently served as a guard post for the goblins, probably to defend against intrusions by the kobold invaders. A search of the room turned up only putrid jerky, vinegary wine skins, and other worthless bits of goblin clutter.

They returned to the larger room and investigated its contents. Hung along the center of the south wall were three crudely sewn human-sized targets, with a few javelins protruding from them. Dozens of blunted and broken javelins lay on the cracked cobblestone floor. The area was apparently used for target practice, where perhaps the goblins chucked javelins at the hair-and-fur-filled burlap dummies that looked vaguely like humans and elves. There was a wooden door along the west wall. The northern third of the room was separated from the south by a crudely mortared and crenellated half-wall.

North of the wall lay a permanent camp of sorts, complete with a fire ring and several small iron cook pots. There was a wooden door along the west wall and the north wall. A search of this section of the room turned up more rancid jerky, wine skins with revolting goblin whisky, and other worthless bits of goblin litter.

One goblin possessed a silver flask of dwarven make (perhaps worth about 50 shillings) which was filled with goblin whisky. Another goblin had a metal ring attached to his belt, which contained a single key. Between all four goblins, they had about 50 pence in coins.

Goblin Stockade (Grimble Gromble)

Using the key they had found on the dead goblin’s belt, they unlocked the southwest door and entered. It was a long, low dungeon where squalor reigned. Three small, horned humanoids – kobolds, like Meepo – were roughly tied with crude ropes to a large spike near the entrance. Farther back, a small, battered humanoid with pink skin and green hair languished inside a rusted iron cage, which was small even for his frame. Several sets of corroded manacles were connected to the walls, which were empty except for the occasional crumbling skeleton.

They approached the cage and upon closer review they could see that the victim within was a gnome. Though his clothing was worn and dirty, they could tell he wore a scarlet cloak and a blue-green hood. This might be Grimble Gromble, they speculated excitedly!

Dodge guarded the entrance, Meepo untied his fellow kobolds, and Kyran surveyed the rest of the room, while the remainder saw to the needs of the poor gnome. Magna and Yriadel spoke to him, and he confirmed his name was indeed Grimble Gromble. Though quite weary, he seemed happy to see them, and recognized their faces as the young folk he had seen near Gray Lake in the forests of Willowdale months before. Yriadel soothed him with her healing touch through the bars of the cage, while Lee worked at picking the lock. As soon as Grimble Gromble was released from his confinement, he stretched gleefully, then collapsed on the floor in great relief. They provided food and water, which he gratefully received. He was especially excited when Glen shared some rare Hwychwood Ale, which he had kept hidden in their supplies for just such an “emergency” use.

They learned that Grimble Gromble and the kobolds were captives of the Durbuluk goblins. The 3 kobolds impatiently excused themselves from Meepo and left, eager to retreat back to their kobold tribe, leaving the disappointed Meepo to continue his search for their lost dragon mascot.

As Grimble Gromble began to regain his strength he elaborated more extensively on his situation and tried to answer their questions.

“Well, I am a gnome who normally stays at home – eating, sleeping and drinking my wine,” he explained, when asked why he was a captive of the goblins. “But a few months ago I left the safety of my home to go on a big adventure – amidst the grass, fresh air at last, wining, dining, biding my time. As I was wandering through the forests of Willowdale, I became distracted – looking at the sky, looking at a river, finding places to go – and I accidentally found myself wandering along the Old Road. My bad luck that goblin bandits caught me. I’ve been here ever since. My formidable constitution and survival skills have kept me healthy; otherwise I’m sure I’d be dead from starvation and abuse."

Sympathetically, Yriadel held him in her arms to give him comfort, to which he seemed very appreciative.

“What do you know about this underground place – this Sunken Citadel,” she asked.

“Why, within this deep ravine slumbers a once-proud, ancient fortress that sunk into the earth in an age long past. It was a haven long ago for those that worshipped dragons of fierce visage and no one knows why it suffered such a malignant cataclysm. It ancient days, the Kimrians called it Amdiffenfeydywill.”

“Do you know anything about these goblins, or the one they serve, whom the kobolds call Belak the Outcast?”

“I’ve heard the goblins talk about the Twilight Grove down below. There an evil druid called Belak tends an enchanted garden and harvests the enchanted fruit from something the goblins call the Gulthias Tree – but only in the most terrified of whispers. The enchanted fruit grows on the Gulthias Tree.”

“Yes!” replied Yriadel. “Yusdrayl, the leader of the kobold tribe, also mentioned the Twilight Grove and the magic fruit. We suspect this might be the very same fruit that the Arrion clan purchased from the goblins, of this we learned from our friend Arnfast.

“Oh yes. The midsummer fruit restores spirit and vigor to those who eat it, but the pale midwinter fruit steals the same. Belak allows the goblins to sell the fruit on the surface, but I don’t know why.”

“Have you seen any other humans in this area?” asked Magna.

“Yes,” he answered gravely. “The goblins caught four of them over a month ago, and they were captives with me in here for a while. Their names were Arrioch, Arrafel, Mauritius and Larz.” (All eyes of the group turned to each other with grins of recognition – they were on the right track fo their quarry!) “Arrioch and Arrafel were brothers from Darford. They reminded me of Glen, though a little less elven and a little less white.” (Glen scowled with contempt upon hearing this.) “The other two spoke with a peculiar accent,” Grimble Gromble continued, “and were from a land far away. The goblins kept them all in here only about a week before they removed them. ‘Belak wanted them’, and that’s the last I’ve heard about that.”

“On our journey here, we encountered a satyr named Tinnfang Warbel,” explained Magna. “He said that he was a friend of yours and had been looking for you. He had a message to deliver to you from Feligan Finch. He asked that if we found you, to direct you home to the woods of Darford.”

“Oh my dear,” answered Grimble Gromble worriedly. “I am so sorry to have distressed my old friend Tinnfang Warbel with my untimely absence. But you youngsters must be very special indeed if it warranted an appearance from the elusive Piper of Lilac Vale.”

“Yes, it seems so,” replied Magna, “and it appeared he knew some of us when we were children. During our conversation he explained that he had been commissioned to watch over Yriadel during her childhood in Darford, and also revealed that Feligan Finch was foster father to Yriadel’s grandmother Gyldenfeax. Beyond that he would reveal no more details.”

“These are very interesting developments, my friends. But we must reserve further discussion until another day, I fear. The sustenance you provided, and the warm, soft embrace of this beautiful maiden, has made my eyes grow most heavy, and I must get some rest.”

With that humble request, they allowed Grimble Gromble to sleep. They established a night watch rotation, then locked the door for safety, getting some much needed rest themselves.

Trapped Corridor

After several hours of rest, they packed their meager supplies and set out to continue their quest. All of Grimble Gromble’s gear had been confiscated by the goblins, so they stripped a dead goblin of some gnome-sized armor and weapons to outfit him.

Then they ventured to the northern door. It opened into a hallway leading west, which ended in a wooden door after about 25 feet. They bypassed another door which was located on the north wall of the hallway roughly west of the opening from which they peered.

After several hours of rest, they packed their meager supplies and ventured the northern door. It opened into a hallway leading west, which ended in a wooden door after about 25 feet. They bypassed another door which was located on the north wall of the hallway roughly west of the opening from which they peered.

Dodge and Lee led the company down the hall towards the end door. Lee searched but detected no trap. However, after Lee stepped back and Dodge tried to lift the latch, a trap was sprung. The floor opened and Dodge dropped helplessly into a pit, 10 feet deep.

Suddenly, the door on the north wall burst open and a troop of goblins charged into the hallway, alerted by the noise of the trap door. The situation looked deadly for the adventurers. They were divided across two different areas and their strongest warrior was at the bottom of a pit!

But the youngsters proved they were not helpless without Dodge. The first goblin through the door was sorry, as Glen delivered a fatal blow with his first strike. Lee and Magna defended their ground, alongside brave Yriadel, wielding her spear. Even Meepo tried to help, shooting his crossbow from the rear line. Kyran expended a charge from his wand, firing a Magic Missile which struck down the second of the 6 goblins. Glen and Lee each delivered wounds, and Kyran struck another with a missile, while buying time for Dodge to climb out of the pit. By the time Dodge emerged, only 4 goblins remained standing, and 3 of them were wounded. With one swift swing of his axe, Dodge ended the life of the first goblin he reached. Seconds later, the remaining 3 goblins were dropped to the ground by Glen, Lee and Magna. As Yriadel tended to the wound received by Glen, Kyran delivered the death blow to the unconscious goblin survivor.

They searched the room from with the goblin bandits attacked. The stench, garbage, rotted carrion, and half-eaten legs of strange animals spoke of the years of use by unsanitary tenants. Tattered hides formed six unstable hammocks around a much-used fire pit. Battered cooking equipment lay mixed indiscriminately with broken or worn arms and armor. There was also some putrid jerky, vinegary wineskins, and other worthless bits of goblin clutter.

Trophy Room (Calcryx)

They returned to the door at the end of the hall, the one beyond the trapped floor. The door was locked, but Lee was able to walk along the edge of the pit to pick the lock. Then Lee moved around to allow Dodge, Magna and Glen to enter the room. What they witnessed was a very strange sight.

Mounted and stuffed animal heads adorned the walls. The mounting job was sloppy, and the assortment of heads included cattle, rats, and other not particularly impressive specimens. However, a few grisly trophies shared the wall with the animals, including a couple of kobold visages. Smashed and broken cabinets and small tables littered the periphery of the room, mute victims of some sort of rampage. A rusted iron spike stood askew in the center of the room, trailing a broken chain. Thin patches of ice coated sections of the walls, floor, and debris. The occasional ice patch on the floor made walking very slippery for the advancing warriors.

Before they had a chance to move very far into the room for an investigation, a white dragon wyrmling erupted from beneath a broken table and attacked. It began its offense by using its breath weapon, catching all three in a 15-foot long cone. The freezing air struck them like tiny hammers.

Hearing the familiar screech of the dragon, and spotting the ice through the doorway, Meepo screamed anxiously at his companions. “Do not harm him! Please! That is Calcryx our dragon!”

Despite the danger, those in the room sheathed their weapons. Magna was closest to the dragon, and managed to club it with his fist, but the cat-sized creature flew quickly away. Its flight approached Glen, but he was unable to reach it. By then, Kyran had made his way into the room. Deftly, he leaped at the dragon and managed to get both his hands upon it. The dragon struggled but could not escape his grip. It tried to claw and bite Kyran, but his dexterous grapple sustained only minor wounds.

“Hurry, someone get a bag or some rope, before he breaths ice again,” shouted Kyran.

His companions reacted quickly, and indeed, before the ferocious little beast could breathe his dangerous ice again, they had him tied up and wrapped safely in a bag.

Meepo was jumping up and down, ecstatic over their surprising success. He reached to take the bag from Kyran, but Kyran hesitated. “This is a rare white dragon I hold in my hands,” he thought. “I really should keep this for myself. I could train it to be my companion.” As Meepo tugged at the bag Kyran remembered the deal they had made with the kobold tribe and the other parameters of their quest, so he released his hold, though with reluctance.

Meepo expressed his gratitude, then swiftly departed the way they had come, the bag thrown over his shoulder, its contents squirming.

After things settled down, they searched the room further. It appeared that the wyrmling had scoured the trophy room and gathered all items of possible worth into a little nest it made for itself under a wooden table. The valuables include one dragon-shaped, jade-carved figurine, a crystal goblet, and 24 pieces of fine silverware.

Of particular note was a sealed scroll case carved of bone, carrying an inscription. Runes in the Hellaenic alphabet spelled out the word “Λάμψηκατοικία”. Lee had some knowledge with the language and translated the runes into the word “Lámpsi̱katoikía”, which means “Glitterhame” or “shining abode”. A crumbling parchment, several decades old, rested within. Age and water damage had destroyed most of the parchment, but a short message in Hellaenic remained: “. . . the remaining few. By order of Tagmatarch Jemilah Bal Sterien, Paladin of Athena, we have created a secret redoubt. None shall find us; however, . . .” Though the information was piecemeal and made little sense, they recognized the historical significance and suspected the artifact might be quite valuable to a Helláes historian.


They returned to the goblin guardroom and opened the last remaining door. It opened into a small chamber with another door opposite. The north and south walls of the chamber were stacked halfway to the ceiling with ill-made barrels, boxes, and crates. A clear path allowed easy access between the west and east doors. They checked the containers to discover that they stored brackish water, putrid jerky, or some odd gunk that might only be edible to goblins. Grimble Gromble, who was fluent in Goblin, deciphered the writing on the outside of the barrels as reading “elf pudding.” There were also five precious pints of oil.

They looked through the next door and witnessed a grand hallway about 20 feet wide and over 50 feet long. Several torches mounted in crude wall sconces burned fitfully in the chamber, filling the air with a haze that blurred sight. A double row of marble columns carved with entwining dragons marched the length of the hall.

The hallway was architecturally similar to the one that adjoined the kobold throne room they saw the day before. While the torches lit the hallway, they also gave off a haze which was an irritant to group’s eyes. But there seemed to be enough ventilation provided by many small crevices and cracks in the ceiling and walls to prevent the haze from building to suffocating levels.

They proceeded cautiously to the door at the end of the hall. When they approached within 10 feet of the door they could easily hear the burble of many guttural voices on the other side. They suspected there was a hoard of goblins in the next room, so decided to try a different door.

They approached a door positioned along the north wall. They listened but heard no sound. They opened the door and entered into a narrow hall which continued north, then west. As they approached another door which turned south, they could hear the same burble of many guttural voices.

They devised a clever plan. They split into 2 teams: half at one door and half at the other. They started a countdown, to synchronize their entry, then both teams burst through the doors at the same time. Their plan worked brilliantly and both teams rushed into the next room simultaneously, ready for battle.

The room to which they entered was quite large, about 45 by 60 feet. It may have once been a cathedral but was now a goblin lair, thick with the filth of years of goblin life. Scores of wall and floor-mounted sconces filled with violet-glowing fungi provided illumination. In the sickening light, dozens of goblins went about their daily business, which seemed to be sleeping, preparing food, arguing, eating, sleeping, fighting, sharpening weapons, sneaking, sleeping, shouting, fighting, sewing, and… sleeping.

Among the forty-plus inhabitants of the room, all of them quite surprised (even those that were not sleeping), only a handful were warriors. Most were too young, too old, too unskilled, or too cowardly to defend themselves and they scattered about in all directions to avoid conflict. However, there were four goblins and three hobgoblins that quickly responded to the attack. In the chaotic melee, the group killed all the combatants while receiving only one wound. But before they could respond to the remaining chaos, 2 more troops of goblin bandits burst into the room from separate doorways, obviously alerted by the noise of combat.

Now out-flanked and out-numbered, this battle took considerably longer. Though grave wounds were received by Dodge, Kyran and Grimble Gromble, they ultimately slayed all 12 of the goblins.


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