Wave the Trident

weapon (melee)

Wave: Trident, +3 weapon
Purpose: death or disfigurement to all who won’t convert to worship of Poseidon; INT 14, EGO 20.
Trident of Fish Commanding: cause all fish within 60’ radius (save vs spell) to be under empathic control and withhold attacks to wielder and any creature within 10’; convey simple emotions and force a move in desired direction; successful save still will not approach within 10’ of trident; ref: dm186
Trident of Warning: determine hostile fish and/or hungry marine predators within 240 feet; requires 1 round for full radius search; ref: dm186
Finds water, Water Breathing & Underwater Action:
Cube of Force: Wall of force 1” around wielder; charge is restored each day; charges = 36
Command Cost per Turn Movement Rate
1. keep out gases, wind, etc. 1 1”
2. keep out non-living matter 2 8”
3. keep out living matter 3 6”
4. keep out magic 4 4”
5. keep out all things 6 3”
6. deactivate 0 normal
Following attacks cost extra charges. These cannot be cast in or out of the force.
Meteor Swarm 8 Prismatic Spray 7 Disintegrate 6
Horn of Blasting 6 Phase Door 5 Lightning Bolt 4
Fireball 3 Firestorm, Flame Strike 3 Passwall 3
very hot normal fires 2 Wall of Fire 2 catapult-like missiles 1
Speech and Telepathy (Jedak and all sea creatures)
Dehydrates: On a roll of “20”, in addition to normal damage, dehydrates opponent, draining one-half of its remaining hit points.



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