Tinnfang Warbel (Timpinen)

Satyr, Piper of Lilac Vale


Tinnfang Warbel is a handsome man with a stern, hooked nose between kindly eyes, and a bearded mouth that breaks often into a friendly smile. He has backward sweeping, curved horns on his head. His torso is usually naked, wherefore he can display the rippling muscles on his arms and broad chest. He has shaggy legs like a goat. When encountered (which is exceedingly rare) he is typically with his pan-pipes.


Tinnfang Warbel inhabits the forests of Willowdale. Even in the distant land of Eryn Vorn (Blackwood), the lore of Tinnfang Warbel was known to Elves – though in their tales they called him Timpinen. It was told that Tinnfang was known to “play music so beautiful that it causes whomever hears it to fall forever in love with starlit nights and summer evenings” and he was said to be “half a fey of the woods and dells, one of the great companies of the children of Palúrien, and half an elf or a Shoreland Piper.”

In Ullester, the bards sing that “Tinnfang was a wondrous wise and strange creature, and he fared away hither with the Elves long ago…always ahead piping strangely or whiles sitting aloof. Now does he play about the gardens of the land; but Willowdale he loves the best, and Lilac Vale best of all. Ever and again we miss his piping for long months… But on a sudden will his flute be heard again at an hour of gentle gloaming, or will he play beneath a goodly moon and the stars go bright and blue.’"

Tinnfang Warbel is known to be a close friend to Grimble Gromble the Gnome and Feligan Finch the Gnome. Also, he was apparently commissioned to watch over Yriadel Yngvarsdottir during her youth, and revealed to her that Feligan Finch was foster father to Yriadel’s grandmother Gyldenfeax.

Tinnfang Warbel (Timpinen)

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