Sidric Baretson

Cobbler's son


Sidric is the son of Baret and bother to Breena. He is an apprentice cobbler to his father.


Sidric and his sister Breena were among the party of volunteers who ventured into the Crypt of Darton to “prepare” it for the Quest for the Steadfast Flame. Due to a tragic cataclysm caused by a group of bandits who broke in a few weeks prior, Wotan had risen from the dead and slaughtered most of the party with his undead army. Breena and Sidric were heroically rescued by the questing group consisting of Dodge Viper, Kyran Grimson, Glenlivet Lesgoth, Magna Morko, Li-Al Saar and Yriadel Yngvarsdottir. However, Sidric witnessed his best friends, Hrothgar and Sturm, get slaughtered by the army, and was severely traumatized. Since the incident, he suffers from extreme claustrophobia and depression, and only seems to get through each day via intoxication. He is no longer courting Libby.

He has a pet ginger cat named Léohtberen Sáem.

Sidric Baretson

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