Lady Leka Vikna

Lady of Kantor, daughter of a wealthy merchant


Lady Leka Vikna is a young maiden with a thin figure and long brown hair. She is a member of the Vikna family, one of the ruling families of Kantor, and is well educated. Though once shy, naïve and sheltered, while enduring a traumatic abduction within the Kambrian Kingdoms she matured into a steely-eyed and defiant young woman dedicated on revenge.


Lady Leka Vikna first met the Seven Heroes while they served as guards to a convoy in which she traveled. She and her father, Lord Austalf Vikna, were accompanying the Maejard Teamsters from Kantor to Glawchester, then on to The March for business. The stated goal of Lord Austalf was to check the trade routes for safety and efficiency, then meet with fellow merchants in The March. They were part of a large convoy of merchants transporting trade goods from Kantor. Beyond Ullester, the convoy was to split into smaller groups, and Lord Austalf required a stronger convoy guard as they ventured beyond the frontiers of Baeldur. Lord Austalf was a wealthy merchant from Kantor and the nephew of the head of the Vikna family, which was an influential and powerful merchant clan and one of the eleven families that ruled Kantor. The Araganingas were old allies of the Vikna family, so Lord Austalf trusted Eorl Aragnar and asked him for references. Eorl Aragnar recommended the Seven, who were subsequently hired.

Lady Leka was a young maiden of obvious refinement and fine dress. She was a thin figure, moved gracefully even when weighed down by her thick ermine-lined cloak, and had smooth brown hair which cascaded down her shoulders. She was well educated, well mannered and very well aware of what was expected of a wealthy merchant’s daughter. Yet despite her formal training, Lady Leka seemed shy, naïve and sheltered, and she was very reserved about speaking with anyone without her father present. Much to everyone’s pleasant surprise, she never complained about the discomforts of the journey.

Near Glawchester, at a remote outpost called Vokhund, Lord Austalf and Lady Leka were instructed to wait with their guards until the convoy returned from a brief trading trip within the Kambrian Kingdoms. Tragically, the outpost was ambushed: Lord Austalf was murdered; and Lady Leka was abducted. The antagonist was Lord Grahmr, who led some of his March Outlaws, including a subgroup known as the Bloodshields. Curiously, they were joined by a portion of Ubert’s Reavers, led by Ubert’s right hand man, Klaus. The outlaws dragged Lady Leka into the Kambrian Kingdoms, through Ericon Forest, past the Shatten Escarpment into Groes Bryniau, then on to Dolnogg, where she was to be held until a ransom could be arranged.

The Seven Heroes pursued the outlaws and eventually rescued Lady Leka from Dolnogg. However, during the weeks in which she undured her traumatic journey, she had changed significantly. The young maiden with fine brown hair, who was always so reserved and soft-spoken, now stood steely-eyed and defiant. Long gone was her fine dress and ermine-lined cloak she wore when they had last seen her. Lady Leka was now dressed in well-worn, patchwork leather armor, evidently scavenged from a variety sources and pieced together from scraps. From that point in her life, her only desire was to return to Kantor and force her family to enact revenge upon the perpetrators of her father’s murder and her abduction.

Lady Leka Vikna

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