Kyran Grimsson

Cabalist Magus from Darford


Kyran Grimsson is a subsistence farmer near the village of Darford in Willowdale. He has blue-green eyes, tanned skin, and very long, raven-black hair which he wears in a ponytail. His black hair and dark skin mirror his brooding personality and unearthly aura. He is an even 6 feet tall, weighs 185 pounds and is very fit. Kyran wields a long sword and wears a chain mail shirt. He is also capable of casting mysterious magical powers which manifest in an ominous, black radiance.


Kyran was raised by his elderly parents, Grimr and Brynja, poor subsistence farmers who live outside the village of Darford. With his dark hair and eyes, he bore no resemblance to his Angarian parents. Kyran always suspected he was adopted and eventually his parents confirmed the truth. They revealed that he had been discovered as an infant on their doorstep with only a note reading “My name is Kyran. Please take care of me.” Nothing more was known about his ancestry.

Though his parents took great care of him, Kyran always felt like an outsider, and friendships were rare. The exceptions were three other villagers he befriended, though the four of them seemed complete opposites of each other – two boys his age – Dodge and Glenlivet – and a bright-eyed little blonde girl named Yríadel.

As Kyran began to grow up, he also began to grow restless and dream about adventuring and great treasures – a much different life than a poor farmer. He began to teach himself how to wield various weapons, not just the axe and sword so dominant by the men of his village. Also about this time, his magical powers began to manifest. Fearful of accidents and reprisals, Grimr sent Kyran far away to a mysterious elven tutor named Myrgoth, in the distant land of Gwynedda. Publicly, they explained that Kyran would be trained in the ways of weapons, which was true, but privately they knew he would also be trained in the ways of sorcery.

In his nineteenth year of age, Kyran left his mentor to return home, where he was reunited with his family and old friends. Soon thereafter, his dream came true and he began an adventuring career.


Kyran is adopted and nothing is known about his ancestry.

Kyran Grimsson

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