Glenlivet Lesgoth

Agile Fighter, Half-Elf Albino from Darford


Glenlivet Lesgoth is a half-elf adventurer, originally from the village of Darford in Willowdale. He is an albino, with long white hair, pale white skin and pink eyes. He is lean and muscular, standing 5 feet 8 inches, and weighs 165 pounds. His formative years were endured among distant lands across the Great Sea – first as a slave, then a wanderer – before his recent return to Darford. In combat, Glenlivet is quick and agile. He favors a sharp Scimitar he learned to use while traveling in a foreign land called Shem.


Glenlivet is the half-elf son of Dargoth and Glenna. He inherited his albino features through Glenna, from his grandmother Arragwen, who was reputedly a pure albino. His half-elf ancestry comes through Dargoth, from his elven grandmother Lesseth.

Though Glenlivet lived his early years in comfort, and he was receiving a rare and valuable education, he was struck with tragedy while very young when both his parents were brutally murdered. His uncle Arrion (older brother of Glenna) and aunt Fenloch took him in, but they quickly burned through the inheritance, and forced Glenlivet to do harsh and degrading work to earn his room and board. His cousins Arrioch and Arraphel tormented him and bullied him into doing their menial chores.

The one good thing remaining in Glenlivet’s life was his enduring friendships with three other children from Darford – Dodge, Kyran and Yríadel. Whenever Glenlivet could escape the attentions of his foster family he would try to spend that precious time with them.

One summer day, during a trip to town, his cousins were tormenting him and lashing him with a willow switch. Glenlevit’s friend Dodge witnessed the situation and became so angry he went berserk and beat up the two boys, rescuing Glenlivet from the humiliation. However, Glenlivet was so traumatized by the incident, he immediately fled from Darford.

After Glenlivet departed his home village, he wandered east along the River Tamesys, avoiding the city of Linwic. At Tilaburg he sneaked onto a sea-going vessel as a stowaway. He was eventually discovered during the southward passage on the Great Sea, and upon arrival in Dol Amroth he was bound and sold into slavery.

Glenlivet’s purchaser was quite intrigued by his white hair and stark white skin, considering him to be quite a novelty. His master also assumed that escape would be impossible, since he stood out like a bright moon on a clear night sky. However, most of his master’s friends did not care for Glenlivet’s appearance, some were even repulsed, and their relationships deteriorated to the point where his master decided to dispose of him to restore his friendships and business associations.

Glenlivet’s next master assigned him as a rower on a galley ship. While passing through the Bay of Belfalas, their ship was attacked by corsairs. In the bloody battle, the masters of the galley ship were killed. The victorious corsairs promised freedom to all the oarsmen if they rowed the cargo to Umbar. They were amazed at Glenlivet’s appearance – and somewhat fearful – and seemed relieved to be rid of him after they reached the Haven of Umbar.

Everywhere he roamed in Umbar people feared him, and he was attacked numerous times, so he started wearing a cloak to hide his strange appearance. He departed from the city, and began traveling northeastward towards Near Harad, into the desert, while avoiding populated areas. It seemed that practically everyplace he visited he had to fight for his life.

One fateful day, Glenlivet was befriended by a horribly disfigured man named Ashkari. They became traveling companions, and during their time together he taught Glenlivet to use a small quick sword called a Scimitar. Originally from Eruk, a city-state of Shem whose asshuri are famed for their skill at arms, Ashkari had fled his homeland for similar reasons as Glenlivet, to escape ridicule because of his appearance. He had spent the majority of his life’s years roaming the dark lands of Far Harad, yet never found peace. Ashkari was returning to his homeland with the goal of becoming appreciated by his people so that one day they would judge him for his accomplishments and not his hideous appearance. This convinced Glenlivet to return to his homeland too.

Glenlivet began his journey to the port city of Azgalun, the most important coastal city of Shem, and the capital of the region of Pelishtia. Along the road he met a likable rogue named Li-Al Saar, who was also a foreigner to the land but seemed to have a remarkable skill at fitting in. Rather than shunning Glenlivet, Li-Al Saar befriended him. When they revealed to each other the stories of their childhood, both realized they were originally from the same area of Forlindon, though Glenlivet knew it as Brythonia, and they decided to join their quests together and share their journey to Willowdale.

In Azgalun, Glenlivet and his companion acquired passage on a ship to Argos, whence they hired passage for the remainder of their journey across the Great Sea to Brythonia. Soon enough they arrived safely in Darford, where Glenlivet was reunited with his childhood friend Dodge, and he introduced Dodge to his new friend Li-Al Saar.


Glenlivet is the son of Dargoth and Glenna. His paternal grandparents were Dartron and Lesseth, and his maternal grandparents were Gleann Liobhait and Arragwen.

Dargoth, his father, was the half-elf son of Dartron and Lesseth. He was very young when his father was killed. After he matured, Dargoth served as the leader of the village of Darford for the rest of his life. He was also well known as a valiant defender of Darford. Late in his life, he courted and married Glenna, the most beautiful young woman in the village.

Glenna, his mother, was a strikingly beautiful woman with slim features and smooth, pale skin. Dargoth and Glenna were brutally murdered when Glenlivet was very young, and a culprit was never brought to justice.

Dartron, his paternal grandfather, was a successful adventurer in his youth. For a time he served in the Uller’s Keep military and even journeyed as a member of the renowned By-Tor Brigade. When Dartron retired from adventuring he settled down and tamed a small area of Willowdale near a ford on the River Tamesys. The village grew and prospered and came to be known as Dartron’s Ford, then eventually Darford. Dartron married the beautiful elf maiden Lesseth and together they ruled over Darford. Dargoth was their only child. Dartron died from wounds received while heroically defending his village from a host of marauding mercenaries.

Gleann Liobhait, his maternal grandfather, came from a highlander clan in the north. Gleann had moved south to the town of Linwic and became a successful brewer. There he discovered his future wife, Arragwen. She was a street orphan and an albino whom many detested due to her looks. But Gleann considered her exotic and beautiful, and rescued her from loneliness and poverty by marrying her. Ridiculed by his business associates, Gleann relocated to Darford to raise their children, Arrion and Glenna.

Glenlivet Lesgoth

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