Curulirion (Liric the Scop)

Half-Elf Bard


CurulĂ­rion is a half-elf with a crippled leg. He is a scop in the village of Darford, where the locals call him Liric. He is about 50 years of age.


Liric is the only real entertainer in Darford, having settled here 4 years ago after a fight with orcs left him with a crippled leg. Despite his injury, Liric is a capable performer, working with a variety of instruments and performance styles. He lives in one of the rooms above the tavern, where he performs nightly. His nature is very carefree, but his occasional drunken ramblings hint of a terror in his past that he refuses to speak of any other time.

Liric became friends with Magna Morko when he moved to Darford recently. He has been trying to assist Magna with his quest to learn about the history of the By-Tor Brigade and their descendants.

Curulirion (Liric the Scop)

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