Breena Baretsdottir

Cobbler's daughter


Breena is the beautiful daughter of Baret, and younger sister of Sidric.


While growing up near the village of Darford, Breena had been secretly admired over the years by Dodge, Kyran Grimsson and Glenlivet Lesgoth, though none of them ever had the confidence to court her after they all grew up.

Breena and her brother Sidric were among the party of volunteers who ventured into the Crypt of Darton to “prepare” it for the Quest for the Steadfast Flame. Due to a tragic cataclysm caused by a group of bandits who broke in a few weeks prior, Wotan had risen from the dead and slaughtered most of the party with his undead army. He kidnapped Breena to interrogate her for information about Darford. Breena and Sidric were heroically rescued by the questing group consisting of Dodge, Kyran, Glen, Magna Morko, Li-Al Saar and Yriadel Yngvarsdottir.

Breena is currently in a romantic relationship with Dodge.


Breena Baretsdottir

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