Arnfast Liudolf

Ranger of Darford


Arnfast Liudolf stands 6 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. He is strong, rugged, quiet and dependable.


Hwychwood is known for its rangers, valiant woodsmen who have spent years carving out civilization and protecting it from threats. Arnfast is one such ranger. He is tough, quiet, and more than willing to risk his life to protect the people of Darford. Arnfast was orphaned during the recent wars in Brythonia, growing up in a band of adopted parents. These rangers taught him everything he knows. When Arnfast came of age, he left the band to find out where his parents came from. That trek led him to Darford, where he has remained ever since, living in their old house just outside town.

When Magna Morko relocated to Darford, Arnfast recognized the half-elf’s talents as a ranger, and the two became close friends. Arnfast led Magna on far-ranging partrols and hunts, teaching Magna all about his native land of Willowdale. Magna in turn taught Arnfast a few tricks from the rangers of Blackwood.

Arnfast Liudolf

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